NSG Forest-Based Sector

The Technology Platform "Forest-Based Sector" joins the representatives of the main stakeholders of the forestry chain.

Forests occupy around one third of Europe's surface area, to very varying extents from country to country, from 70% in Finland to 1% in Cyprus. In Italy forests cover 35% of the national territory. The use of forests and relative derivatives of the industrial wood processing sector (Forest Based Sector) also depends on the relative geographical areas. 

In the past decade the forestry chain has shifted from a national to a global vision. European Union countries still hold an important position, despite the greater costs compared to other areas, thanks to their long-standing experience in the sustainable management of forestry resources and the high technological content of the processing industry.

In this context it is clear that the future of the competitiveness and sustainability of the European forestry chain is closely linked to scientific and technological progress and the maintenance of a balance between the economy and the environment in the use of forestry biomasses. In particular, the development of new processes and derived products with a high added value and the progressive replacement of non-renewable materials with forestry products represent the main opportunities for the forestry sector.

The Forestry Technology Platform, established at the initiative of the National Committee for Forestry, Wood and Paper, is a place for meeting, debate and the active participation of all public and private stakeholders working in the research and innovation of the wood and paper forestry chain.

The objective of the Technology Platform is to promote research and technology transfer in the national industry, fostering the exchange of competences throughout the production chain and supporting the action of the Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform, strengthening the presence of national businesses and research institutes in European research projects.

Participation in the Forestry Technology Platform through its network of skills is open to all parties from the world of research, agricultural and industrial enterprises and the institutions. 

For more information: federico.magnani@unibo.it