Italian Plants for the Future

Plants are not only a primary source of food for man and animals, playing a fundamental role in the ecosystem, but also represent and important resource for the production of biomaterials and biofuels.

The platform

In this context, it is clear that the competitive performance of national agri-food and food processing chains will depend increasingly on the application of technological innovations to improve the sustainability and profitability of primary agricultural production and, only for the agri-food sector, provide consumers with healthy foodstuffs with a high nutritional value, respecting the local typical specialities our agriculture is renowned for.

Scientific progress in the field of biotechnologies, plant genomics and applications have led today to more eco-compatible plants that are more resistant to plant disease and environmental conditions (such as drought) caused by climate change, as well as a reduction in production inputs (e.g. fertilisers, water, pesticides, etc.) and an increase in yields.

The National Technology Platform "IT-Plants for the Future" joins together the representatives of the main stakeholders of the agri-food and food processing chains, and, in close contact with five other Technology Platforms, is part of the so-called "knowledge-based bioeconomy" (KBBE) which represents the backbone of the VII Framework Programme and the future VIII Framework Programme.

How to participate

IT-Plants aims to be a collaborative, transparent and open working area. All Italian stakeholders interested in the agri-food sector are invited to take part in the platform activities and contribute to implementing the first preliminary documents.

Endorsement  - IT-Plants support

Industries,institutions, research centres, consortia, universities, associations, banks, foundations wishing to support the National IT-Plants Platform can fill in the support form and send it to:
The Platform acts as an open forum and welcomes the interests of all stakeholders wishing to join.