Italian Food for Life

Federalimentare and the University of Bologna in collaboration with CRUI (Conference for Italian University Rectors), ENEA Biotec and the main stakeholders of the agri-food chain, research and the institutions, presented the National Technology Platform "Italian Food for Life" on 27 November 2006 in Bologna.

The platform

The "Italian Food for Life" Platform – which has been running since late 2006 – was founded as the national version of the European Technology Platform "Food for Life" (in Europe there are currently 8 National Technology Platforms running out of the 12 that were started) and the result is a widespread process of consultations that began in Bologna in late March and was carried on by Federalimentare and CRUI from May to September.

The programming document (Vision Document - February 2007) of the "Italian Food for Life" Platform is founded on 7 pillars:

  1. Consumer science
  2. Food and health
  3. Quality and food production
  4. Food safety
  5. Sustainability in production
  6. Food chain management
  7. Communication, training and technology transfer

Each pillar in turn is structured into a series of key objectives for the Italian food sector, which must be taken into consideration by our authorities when drafting the strategic agri-food programme as part of the National Research Programme - PNR, and must also be supported at European level for the definition of the first calls under the 7th Framework Programme.

The definitive launch of the National Technology Platform "Italian Food for Life" took place on 27 November at the Aula Absidale di Santa Lucia at the University of Bologna – Alma Mater Studiorum in the presence of the Minister Paolo De Castro, the Rector of the University of Bologna Pier Ugo Calzolari, the Councillor and Delegate of  Federalimentare to the Confindustria Research and Innovation Committee and the Chairman of Assalzoo Silvio Ferrari, and around 300 authoritative representatives of the academic world, public and private research fields, industry and the institutions.

How to join the platform

Universities, research bodies, consortia and businesses are invited to submit their comments to the 7 chapters of the Vision (maximum one page each) to Federalimentare (Maria Cristina Di Domizio, and to the University of Bologna (Alessia Di Sandro, -

Press releases

Consult the press releases on the website of Federalimentare.