Organisation of the PTISI Platform

The organisational structure of the Italian platform is based on interest groups and HUBs.

Focus Groups

Similarly to the European structure, the strategic agenda of the Italian platform is defined within a limited number of interest groups or "focus groups".

The following focus groups (FG) are currently active on the platform:

FG1: Technologies and experimentation for risk reduction
Roberto Andreozzi (
Valerio Cozzani (

FG2: Risk analysis, assessment and management
Riccardo Bandini (
Renato Rota (

FG3: Structure and infrastructure safety
Cristiano Nicolella (
Elisabetta Noce (

FG4: Human and organisational factors
Simone Colombo (
Fabio Tosolin (

FG5: Emerging and interdisciplinary risks
Giuseppe Maschio (
Ernesto Salzano (

The topics of interest of the various FGs are summarised in the documents available in the "Annexes" area.

Research HUBS

In addition to the focus groups, it was considered of fundamental importance to establish a number of "research HUBs" in the Italian platform.
This second tool, identified with the European platform, consists of a working group which, based on the strategic objectives defined by each FG within the strategic research agenda, promotes and implements technology transfer and research projects and actions concerning issued of particular importance in the context of the platform actions.
Currently four "research hubs" are running within the Italian platform:

HUB1: Safety in SMEs
Micaela Demichela (
Angelo Lunghi (

HUB2: Safety in the transport of dangerous substances
Barbara Mazzarotta (
Gigliola Spadoni (

HUB3: Safety in Nanotechnologies
Almerinda Di Benedetto (

HUB4: Training, education and communication
Andrea Montefusco (
Norberto Piccinini (