Useful documents to create a traineeship autonomously - AY 2017/18

Warning about Mobilitas service

As some of you informed us that there are some difficulties in using the Mobilitas service, we would like to point out that the service is regularly working. However, in view of the high number of requests, it may not be possible to book the interview immediately. As availability in the diary may vary depending on the number of operators present each day and on cancellations, you are invited to check the calendar regularly.

Moreover, should you be not able to book the interview, you can request (via email at the list of the host organization with traineeship offers. 

Documents for download


Company Agreement Form

(.doc 52 KB)

Updated on 07 April 2017


List of websites for sourcing traineeships

(.pdf 71 KB)

Updated on 30 March 2017


Mobilitas Service

(.pdf 50 KB)

Updated on 30 March 2017